Digital Infospace Security Initiative is a platform supporting higher quality and transparency in the information space. Their mission is to strengthen the information resilience of individuals, communities, and society as a whole. They design, create, and propagate strategies and approaches aimed at the prevention and minimization of the impact stemming from negative phenomena of the information era. They stand on three pillars: education, research, and advocacy. These pillars serve as the foundation for building a virtual defense against manipulation, disinformation, and deceptive information activities. Their ambition is to connect the security and IT communities, expert representatives of the public administration, politicians, and civic society. Their main long-term goal is to secure a high-quality information environment that would accept responsible decisions and contribute to maintaining the democratic system and protection of human rights and liberties. Digital Infospace Security Initiative is a shared project of the Strategic Policy InstituteSlovak Security Policy Institute, and the portal.

Bratislava, Slovakia