The Italian Infodemic

IT Infodemic Workshop

At a time when misinformation poses a mortal threat to individual and collective health the current COVID-19 pandemic has created a growing public appetite for virus-related verified information. Two Italian fact-checking platforms - Pagella Politica and its debunking spin-off Facta have finding ways for meeting such increased demand since the beginning of the crisis.

In collaboration with fellow SOMA network member, the International Republican Institute, Pagella Politica is hosting a webinar for SOMA members and partners of IRI's Beacon Project which will focus on fact-checking best practices utilised during the on-going infodemic. The interactive workshop will touch upon the specifics of fact-checking and debunking in a time of crisis; the importance of international collaboration to counter cross-border disinformation, an overview of the tools made available by SOMA and IRI and how they can be used to launch and perform collaborative investigations.


For those of you who could not join the workshop a recording of it is available below. **Forgive the technical issues in the first minute, the rest of the video does not have background noise**


Lessons From Fact-Checking on COVID-19
Event Location
Zoom Workshop @14:00 CEST
Event Date
June 04, 2020