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The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest test facing European democracies. The accompanying INFODEMIC threatens to exacerbate this crisis; with short and long-term consequences. These challenges need to be addressed through a concerted and coordinated effort. The Response Network was initiated by Beacon Network members engaged in a variety of efforts pushing back against misinformation and disinformation.

Below are aggregated resources on disinformation surrounding COVID-19 produced by Network members, IRI and partners.


Czech Republic 

Coverage of COVID-19 on Websites Spreading Disinformation- Newsletters (Czech) - Prague Security Studies Institute 

“Infodemic: Coronavirus and Conspiracies in the Czech Republic” (English) Prague Security Studies Institute  

“The COVID-19 Crisis and Intensified Geopolitical Struggles of External Powers Over the Western Balkans” (English)- Prague Security Studies Institute

“PSSI Perspectives #2- Infodemic and Disinformation” (English)- Prague Security Studies Institute


#DISInfoVirus (Slovak) - Digital Infospace Security Initiative 

COVID19 - Which Facebook groups offer quality content? (Slovak) - Digital Infospace Security Initiative 

Hybrid Security (Slovak) Digital Infospace Security Initiative

Policies Beyond the COVID-19 (English) - Globsec 

The Disinformation Virus (English) - Globsec

Ukraine: Trust and Responsibility in Times of Pandemic (English) - Globsec

Help People Navigate the Infodemic: Central and Eastern Europe Deserves a Secure Online Space (English) - Globesec

Is More Flexibility a Response to Post COVID-19 Europe? (English) - Globesec

Central Europe Tiptoes Into the New World After Coronavirus (English) - Globsec

Reflection on the Recovery Plan for Europe (English) - Globsec

Central Europe’s View on the EU Recovery Package and Response to COVID-19 (English) Globsec

“Unthinkable, Unprecedented, Risky but With Enormous Potential: Post COVID-19 European Recovery- A Conversation With Minister Korčok” (English) Globsec

“Back to Business: NATO’s June Defense Ministerial Meeting” (English) Globsec

“Please Spend as Much as You Can, But Keep the Receipts” (English) Globsec

EU’s New Call to Action Against Disinformation: a New Hope for the Whole-of-Society Approach? (English) Globsec

“A More Resilient Post COVID-19 Europe?” (English) Globsec 

“Perception of Democracy and Conspiracies in Slovakia” (English)- Globsec

“Transatlantic Security: Securing the Post-COVID Future” (English)- Globsec

Government After Shock – Bridging the Digital Divide in the COVID-19 Era: Shaping Central Eastern European Perspectives” (English)-Globsec



COVID-19 and Russia – no Change on the Eastern Front? (English) - Center for East European Studies 


Kremlin Propaganda: How Coronavirus Becomes Linked to "Russophobia" (Russian) - InTheBaltic

EU and NATO in the Face of Coronavirus: Myths and Facts (Russian)- InTheBaltic

Emigrants from Ukraine and Belarus: About Life in Lithuania During Quarantine(Video) (Russian) InTheBaltic

Taiwan’s Miracle  (Lithuanian) - The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis  

Finland: Will the Name of a Country Ready for Everything be Justified?  (Lithuanian) -The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

Israel: Preparing to Fight Viruses is like War – (Lithuanian) The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

Germany: Will a Well-Developed Healthcare System Prove Superior in the Face of a Pandemic? (Lithuanian) - The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

Sweden: Will the Experts Be Right When Pushing Politicians to the Country? – (Lithuanian) The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

Japan: A Cruise Ship "Disaster" and Ambiguous Figures (Lithuanian) The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

Switzerland: Just a Geographical Extension of the Crisis in Italy or Something More? (Lithuanian) - The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

The Wuhan Market Crisis and the Scandalous Attitude of Chinese Diplomats in Lithuania (Lithuanian) -The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis

NGO’s in Lithuania During the COVID-19: Challenges, Consequences and Opportunities (Lithuanian) – The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis 

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan- Is There Room for the Non-Governmental Sector? (Lithuanian) - The Vilnius Institute For Policy Analysis

Simona Merkinaite / Corona Lessons: On the Importance of Civil Society (Lithuanian) - The Vilnius Institute For Policy Analysis

Alpo Rusi: Democracy Against Totalitarianism (Lithuanian) The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis

“Disease Dynamics in OECD Countries” (Lithuanian) The Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis  

“Russian Teacher and Polish Teacher from Lithuania: Life and Work During the Coronavirus” (Russian)- InTheBaltic

“Postmen’s Tales: Work and Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic” (Russian)- InTheBaltic



Social Distancing in the Time of COVID19 (Albanian) - Dr. Blerjana Bino


The German Government's Document is not a COVID-19 Prediction, but Rather a Pandemic Risk Analysis (Montenegrin)- Raskrinkavanje

US Databases Do Not Stop Reporting Infected COVID-19  (Montenegrin) – Raskrinkavanje 

Interferon Alfa 2b is Used in COVID Therapy, But it is too Early to Treat it as a Cure for the Disease  (Montenegrin) – Raskrinkavanje 

North Macedonia

COVID-19 Pandemic Adversely Affects Digital Rights in the Balkans (English) - Metamorphosis

COVID-19 and the Digitalization of the Western Balkans (English)- Metamorphosis


Post-Corona, a New “Marshall Plan” for Europe (English) – BFPE 

Life in the Era of Pandemic (Serbian) – CeSID 

Business Sector in Period of Pandemic (Serbian) - CeSID 

An Unprecedented Election, Assessment of the Electoral Process in Serbia Since March 4 (English) – CeSid




Coronavirus Epidemic: Impact Scenarios For Belarus (Russian) - East Center 


Covid-19 Disinformation: Narratives, Trends, and Strategies in Europe  (English) - EU Disinfo Lab 

Humans, Wildlife and COVID-19: How to Prevent Future Pandemics (English) - European Policy Center 

Next Generation EU Standards Will Boost Post- COVID-19 Recovery (English) European Policy Center

From Reaction to Action: How the EU Can Step Up Its Role in Global Pandemics (English) European Policy Center


“EU Law in The Time of COVID-19” (English)- European Policy Center

“How Brussels Sees the Future of Europe after COVID-19” (English)- European Policy Center


Russian Propaganda and The Novel Coronavirus (English) - Georgia's Reforms Associates 

Disinformation Linking 5G to The Coronavirus (English) - Georgia's Reforms Associates

Russian Aid for Italy – Altruistic Assistance or an Instrument for Spreading Propaganda? (Georgian/English)- Georgia’s Reform Associates

COVID-19 Monitoring and Analysis (English) Georgia’s Reform Associates


FAKE: The Coronavirus is The Most Massive Deception in Human History (Ukrainian) - VOX Ukraine

Coronavirus Pandemic: The Uncertain Future, Potential and Risks of Contact Tracing in Ukraine (English) VOX Ukraine