The briefing paper focuses on the resilience of Czech society towards disinformation and summarizes the current state of the domestic debate on the reaction towards disinformation. Namely, it looks at the Czech disinformation sphere as well as Russia and China as the two most significant perpetrators of disinformation and influence operations against Czech Republic and the West. The papers examine two areas of strategic and crisis communication as well as digital space and its regulation as potential opportunities in the future fight against disinformation for the government. The briefing paper concludes that while the Czech reaction to the so-called Infodemic has generally not been satisfactory, there are numerous opportunities for change and several good starting points, such as an established civil society, experience with support to independent media or a solid level of understanding and analysis of the threat, which, paried with sufficient political support, could be turned into stronger preparation and bolstered national resilience to domestic and external shocks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.