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Jonáš Syrovátka, IRI's Beacon Project Visiting Fellow 

April 13, 2023


Parliamentary elections and a referendum will be held in Hungary on April 3, 2022. Hungarian citizens will elect the 199 members of the Parliament (National Assembly), 106 from the single-mandate districts, and 93 from the party list. The referendum on child protection was called by the governing Fidesz-KDNP coalition.

To understand the changes in the field of dis/misinformation over the last several years, IRI's Beacon Project launched a survey to identify organizations and initiatives active in this field, and better understand the needs, challenges, and gaps of this diverse community.


In recent years, the Czech Republic has, along with the rest of the Western world, experienced the harmful effects of disinformation on its democracy, state functionality, and social cohesion. Although it acknowledged the existence of the problem in the 2016 National Security Audit, it has been, to date, unable to organize its defences and develop an effective and comprehensive system capable of countering this new and elusive threat.