The Albanian Media Institute (AMI) was established by the end of 1995, thanks to the grant provided by DANIDA and the assistance of the Danish School of Journalism.

The Belgrade Center for Security Policy is an independent research center that works to improve the security of citizens and society based on democratic principles and respect for human rights.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is a network of non-governmental organisations promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values in Southern and Eastern Europe.

BIRODI is a Serbian think-tank that conducts applied research and media monitoring that seeks to implement solutions to problems facing societies in the Western Balkans.
CEAS is an independent socio-liberal think tank organization founded in 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia. The motto CEAS follows in its work is “Progress, Determination, Influence.”

Center for Free Elections and Democracy is a non-governmental, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1997 in Belgrade that gathers citizens with the purpose to contribute to the establishment of rule of law and the enhancement of democratic values and institutions in Serbia.

Cin-cg is a non-governmental organization, committed to practicing and promoting investigative journalism of the public interest by latest means and according to internationally recognized professional standards.

Founded in late 1989, the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) is an interdisciplinary public policy institute dedicated to the values of democracy and market economy.