Work With Us

Are you a interested in countering disinformation and building resilience against authoritarian influence?

The Beacon Project is regularly looking for interns, contractors, and contributors to help support our mission of creating more resilient democracies.


Are you a researcher interested in how narratives in the media space can impact our societies? We are always looking for new partners doing quality research and interesting in networking with other likeminded organizations. If you are interested in joining our network email us at beaconproject@iri.org and complete our Community Mapping Survey to put your organization on the map.

By being a member of our partner network, you will have the opportunity to get invited to trainings and be notified of opportunities for collaboration with us or our partners.


Additional Opportunities:

Data Analyst (Contractor) - Open Until Filled

Media Monitoring Specialist (Contractor) - Open Until Filled

Communications Specialist (Contractor) - Open Until Filled