Hungarian Elections and the Hungarian Diaspora in Serbia

Coverage of the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary elections in Hungarian- language media in Serbia

Research into coverage of the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary election by Hungarian-language media in Serbia has shown the dominance of three sources: Magyar Szó, and Szabad Magyar Szó. The first two lean toward the dominant Hungarian minority party the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ) – in their coverage, while the latter represents an independent outlet that often includes criticism towards both the party and the Hungarian government.

Three distinct topics relevant to the research were detected: a negative portrayal of the Hungarian opposition, attempts by the Hungarian government to mobilize voters abroad, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its consequences. The coverage of Hungarian-language media in Serbia only fleetingly covered the LGBTQ+ referendum that was organized on the same day as the election, 3 April 2022, as well as other aspects of Hungary’s relationship with the West, EU and NATO.

Aleksandar Ivković, Nikola Burazer
European Western Balkans


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