European Green Deal Series: Analysis of Most Interacted with Facebook Posts from 5 countries

Between April and September 2022, the IRI’s Beacon Project researched perceptions of European Green Deal on Facebook in a close collaboration with six partner organizations from Central and Eastern Europe. The research focused on media monitoring of the top 100 most interacted with Facebook posts of the month, published between 20 April and 20 May 2022. The research goal was to identify malign narratives and sources as well as better understanding the general debate about the context of Green Deal and green energy discussions in Central and Eastern European information space. On this page you will find ten short reports – five containing impressions from the first month of research including analysis of the most common sources and five providing conclusions and recommendations based on the full data set.

This monitoring is a part of a larger IRI initiative being implemented simultaneously in five EU countries in partnership with Center for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis (Poland), Prague Security Studies Institute (Czech Republic), Europeum (Czech Republic), (Slovakia), 45North (Romania), and Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria).


Read a capstone article summarizing this research: