Hostile Narrative Brief: War in Ukraine

Since the most recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia's armed forces on February 24, 2022, the International Republican Institute (IRI)’s Beacon Project has been analyzing online media data from multiple Central and Eastern European Countries to track aspects of key narratives that have the potential to erode support for Ukraine.

The reports are released every two weeks and cover trends in online media from Websites, Forums, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit related to three primary topics: Sanctions on Russia, Refugees, and NATO.

Additionally, a dashboard to monitor the activity of official Facebook Pages of select Russian diplomatic missions has also been established to provide a broader view of potential disinformation hotspots.


Due to the rapid nature of the response there may be inconsistencies and unintentional errors which are entirely those of the authors. We are working to improve the process and precision of these reports and, therefore, may make changes to the methodology and structure as needed. 

Although the bulk of the report is drafted by the Beacon Project team, we are always interested in receiving additional information from partners and other likeminded organizations that we can incorporate in to the reports and cite the appropriate source. If you are interested in contributing please email

If you are an analyst interested in contributing in formal capacity please note we have some available contracting opportunities.