Parliamentary elections and a referendum will be held in Hungary on April 3, 2022. Hungarian citizens will elect the 199 members of the Parliament (National Assembly), 106 from the single-mandate districts, and 93 from the party list. The referendum on child protection was called by the governing Fidesz-KDNP coalition.

IRI Beacon Project built the 2022 Hungarian Parliamentary Election Dashboard to provide a snapshot of Facebook activity of key individuals, parties, and coalitions ahead of the elections. The purpose of this interactive dashboard is to support the research community as well as interested stakeholders in monitoring of Facebook trends. Find out which actors produce the most content, explore the Word Cloud for trending keywords and filter by sentiment to see who is getting thumbs up today.

Hungarian Election Data Dashboard

"Election Monitoring in Hungary and its Diaspora" research is conducted with the support of the International Republican Institute's Beacon Project. It is conducted in Hungary and select countries with a significant Hungarian diaspora: Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not reflect those of IRI.

Introductory Overview:

Hungarian Elections - Hungarian Two-Step


Final Reports:

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Hungarian elections 2022 in Transylvania: Final Report
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Preliminary Reports:

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Hungarian Elections - Perspectives from Romania
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