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Vaccination and Disinformation in the Czech Information Environment: Partner Publication

We are in the era of Web 2.0, where everybody can easily spread and promote their own messages and, via social networks and other communication channels, reach a significant number of people. Despite the many positives technological progress has brought, problems with information overload have emerged as well. When it comes to health care and the way the public gets its information the Internet has become one of the first sources people resort to.

Balkans Poll Shows Split Between East and West; Room for Western Engagement

A new poll by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), North Macedonia and Serbia reflects a broad consensus that these countries belong to neither the West nor the East. Despite this attitude, the survey suggests that opportunities for engagement by Western institutions exist across the region. Check out our new interactive data dashboard here for customized insights into the poll.